Enterpriser, Consultant, Author & Journalist


Writer & Entrepreneur


Heath Muchena is the Founder of Block Patrol - a blockchain adoption focussed startup that pushes blockchain technology value upstream to leverage new opportunities and foster growth; and Proudly Associated - a company that advises international blockchain companies developing technologies which have use cases focused on emerging economy development, particularly in Africa. 

Heath helps blockchain startups to establish cross-market strategic partnerships, creating new initiatives to drive growth in adoption through ethical lobbying, community advocacy and consensus building. 

Heath is the author of several books and is a contributing writer for Huffington Post, CIO.com, and other publications. He has been a content creator for more than 100 companies across the globe. Heath also has one of the longest running creative writing blogs


International Business Developer


Heath Muchena helps connect businesses with the African market and enables projects to scale ideas and products in every field of application by boosting upsurge and ensuring global adoption of the technologies under development. As a blockchain business solutions consultant, he is dedicated to pushing blockchain technology value upstream and helping companies discover new opportunities from a world in transition.

Heath has in-depth research experience in implementation strategies for commercial blockchain-based applications, tech design, responsive organisational development, business model generation, ideation and startup strategies, cryptocurrency market sentiment analysis, experience economy trends, social currency analysis, and cryptoeconomics. Heath is business development and market penetration professional who focuses on the creation of long-term value for clients from customers, markets, and relationships. 


Creative Consultant


As a Communications Consultant, Heath helps to put in place the right communication plan with the adapted media. He develops and writes content for internal and external media communications including internet, video, and print. He also creates strategies to strengthen communication. 

Often, Heath works with organizations or individuals to help them accomplish short or long term communications related goals. Sometimes he is hired to help clients complete specific projects in the areas of public relations; sales and marketing; media analysis or reputation management. Other projects he gets involved in range from helping develop communication or brand strategies, facilitating partnerships, and project management.

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